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What tunes really get you in the Blues Groooove

Postby Damon » Wed Apr 20, 2005 7:12 pm

Well... I was there for every dance, for the lion's share of the night (with the exception of Saturday I believe I was there to hear every dj) and the vast majority of the music was in fact blues. Not anything else, but blues. If you thought there was a lot of stuff being played that wasn't blues... then we have different ideas of what is or is not blues.

Now if you thought the majority of the music was fast, that is a different issue. The average tempo of the weekend was probably about 125-135 bpm if I had to take a guess. Anyone that was expecting a lot of slow blues came with the wrong expectations. STLBX was probably a good indicator of the tempo range to expect. Most blues music is not slow, the idea that blues dancing is slow dancing is still well entrenched with a lot of people.

I still find myself with that bias.
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Postby bryn » Wed Apr 20, 2005 8:23 pm

Damon wrote:STLBX was probably a good indicator of the tempo range to expect.

Interesting... STLBX is exactly the indicator I was using for my expecations. I thought the music at STLBX was great.

Maybe it's just my biased perception of the weekend... for whatever reason my brain fixated on the fast, non-blues music more than everything else that was played. *shrug*
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Postby Dr. Feelgood » Fri Apr 29, 2005 6:38 pm

This is why I enjoy feedback from people (although I really think that
I pay lots of attention).

I appreciate all the "I luv Steven Watkins' sets", that's great! However, I
do think it's better to hear "you know, your set worked for me" or "didn't
work for me" and why. Margaret gave me some fantastic feedback about
why a certain song I played last year at Cheap Thrills worked for her
while dancing with someone. She put it in a way that I wasn't offended
and let me know about how the song was structured for her dance! Wow!
I sure took notice, and it made sense. This year, Maryno explained to me
that I tend to play so much "newer music" that I sometimes abandon
too many favorites. That thought had never crossed my mind, since I'm
always trying to keep from being predictable.

I know I played some faster stuff at St.Louis on Friday night, and mainly
because I opened the late-night venue. I felt compelled to "bring up" the
energy as folks are walking in the door after grabbing a bite to eat. I felt
as if I played a little too much in the fast department because I couldn't
find the comfy rhythm I normally have when I DJ.

Saturday Night was a different story. I was perfectly happy with that set,
it felt like I found a pleasurable rhythm/mood for myself which started
with a couple of quick tunes which allowed me to settle in after Clay's set.
Dr. Feelgood
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Robben Ford (Help The Poor)
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Really ?

Postby dress308 » Mon Oct 17, 2005 8:37 pm


I never knew that it could be done like that, really incredible. :evil::evil:
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