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Focus On Louisiana Blues

Postby funkyfreak » Mon Apr 11, 2005 10:07 pm

From Cross Harp Chronicles

Louisiana is home to some of the finest musicians in the world.

In a two month focus on Louisiana Blues/Cajun/and Zydeco music, online audio-magazine and Blues Harp House Party will focus on the music of the bayou state with an emphasis on blues harmonica. It interviews two of Louisianas finest blues harpists, Andy J. Forest and Jumpin Johnny Sansone, and offers a list of other Louisiana/New Orleans that may interest it readers.

During the two month run of this online issue, Cross Harp Chronicles radio station Blues Harp House Party will air music representative of this area of the country. This will include, but is not limited to Louisiana Blues/Cajun/Zydeco music.

"There is a difference, surprisingly, between Louisiana Blues and New Orleans Blues," offers publishing editor David King. "Louisiana Blues is loose, laid back and and percussive, with a plodding beat making even up-tempo Blues sound slow just played faster. New Orleans Blues is piano and horn driven enlivened with Caribbean rhythms."

"Cajun music can be traced back to early Acadian, French, Creole, and Anglo-Saxon folk songs. It is a music meant for dancing with the diatonic accordion and the fiddle being two of its primary instruments."

"Zydeco is Creole (Black) dance music of southwest Louisiana blending Cajun music with rhythm & blues and soul. Although similar to Cajun, Zydeco adds electric bass, horns, and sometimes keyboards."

"These musics," continues King, "make for a rich diversity of musical styles within this one state region."

"Although Louisiana can, with pride, claim to be the birth home of many of the biggest names in these styles of music, it has also attracted many outsiders who have added to the wealth of music from this region. In the 1950s Excello Records, the Louisiana based record label that helped define the "swamp blues" sound was home to such blues harp notables as Slim Harpo, Jerry McCain, Sonny Boy Warren, Little Sonny, Lazy Lester, Jimmy Anderson and Whispering Smith. Today Louisiana is home to artists including Andy J. Forest, Jumpin Johnny Sansone, Rockin Jake, Smokey Greenwell, Raful Neal (now deceased), Kenny Neal, and others.

Unfortunately, many of these Louisiana artists have not been heard of out the state.

"It is our desire to help promote interest in these artists," King continues "This will be our first issue of the magazine and radio station focusing on the blues from different states of the country. In subsequent issues we plan on focusing on Texas Blues, West Coast Jump and Jive Blues, Chicago Blues, and Detroit Blues to conclude the year, with a focus on blues harpists of each region. Depending on the response from each, we are looking ahead to the possibility of doing issues on Canadian and British Blues Artists, as well as other parts of the world.."

"There is something about the harmonica that resonates with many listeners as few other instruments can We are doing this to promote an interest in Blues music (with this emphasis on blues harp) and bring to light the cultural and regional differences that make the Blues the art form it is today a musical form that, although largely overlooked by corporate radio, is enjoyed by listeners all over the world."

This particular issue will be online until April 31st. May 1st the emphasis moves west with the next focus being Texas Blues. "On weekends," adds King, "we break things up a bit by offering shows on Women of the Blues, Chicago Blues, and early acoustic-folk blues, all with an emphasis on blues harmonica."

Readers are encouraged to view the articles by going online to and tune into the radio station online at

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