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What tunes really get you in the Blues Groooove

Postby Telemarker » Sun Nov 13, 2005 6:30 pm

Has anyone played much by Santana? I've discovered one song in particular called "Sideways" on his Shaman cd. It's one of my favs to dj.

Oh, and anything by Ray Charles makes me happy.
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Robben Ford (Help The Poor)
Robben Ford (Help The Poor)
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Postby hypr_chik » Tue Nov 22, 2005 9:50 pm

amos_lynn wrote:Eric Clapton -Stormy Monday

Are you talking about the Live version on the The Blue album or a different one? Cause I have the one I mentioned and it would have kicked ass to have been there hearing it live but as a recording its OK for me but not the greatest as its 12:49. Is there a better version/are you referring to a different version?

SuperGrover! wrote:The best blues songs to me are the ones that in the first three notes cut right through me. They make my heart ache in a hurt-so-good way.

Hell yeah! Though I'd venture to say that the best ones are played from the heart, soul or groin. The ones that make you feel something and react in some way. Be it a sigh, make you go awwwwwwwww yeah or shiver, get goosebumps or somethin'...

Thank you amos_lynn and SuperGrover! Your posts inspired me to look/listen through my Eric Clapton stuff again. WOW! I am still shivering from "Take It Easy Baby". I thought mebbe it was a fluke that the first few notes really 'got me' and grabbed me. Then later on in the song it made me shiver/goosebump and held onto it for a bit instead of jsut letting go. I listened to other stuff then came back to the song thinking it might have been a first time hearing it fluke... nope. Wow.

LindyChef wrote:
tinadiva wrote:Do I Move You - Nina Simone

Which version?

LOL! I remember a time where Ed and I fought over this one, both loving 2 different versions and thinking the other was better. So, enquiring minds want to know - which version? (I know you posted biut I wanted to be sure. After all, this is gonna end up as a potiential 'neah!' :P back at the boy.)
Luther Allison (Rock Me Baby)
Luther Allison (Rock Me Baby)
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Postby hypr_chik » Tue Nov 22, 2005 9:52 pm

Damon wrote:Travelin' Shoes - Ruthie Foster, Chambers Brothers

When I am comfortable with the set up, (both players are working and aren't too quirky) and have time while spinning, I often play both versions together and kinda mix in with a bit of a fade but I don't have it as an edited/spliced version. LOL! Funny thing; once when I did this (Cleveland) I actually had people groan and get upset (some stopping and staring while doing so with a look of disapproval) when The Chambers Bros. version went away and faded out. Then cheer when the Ruthie took over and the dancing resumed. I never thought people would like the Chambers version that much. *shrug*

Side note: Ruthie is AWSOME live! FYI, she's currently on tour - get out and go see her.

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Ruthie Foster

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Mon 02/13/06 San Marcos, TX Music Building Recital Hall

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Sat 02/18/06 Crockett, TX Crockett Civic Center

Ruthie Foster

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Luther Allison (Rock Me Baby)
Luther Allison (Rock Me Baby)
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Postby otownblues » Wed Apr 12, 2006 11:56 am

OK, I'll add a few...Chris

The Raven - Omar Shariff
Back to the Land - Count Basie & Dizzy Gillespie
Help Me - Junior Wells
One Room Country Shack - Buddy Guy
Rent Man Blues - Anson Funderburgh
But On the Other Hand - Ray Charles
Tin Pan Alley - Stevie Ray Vaughan
Too Old to Dance - Sam Taylor
Death Letter - J Farmer Remix
Robben Ford (Ain't Gonna Worry My Life)
Robben Ford (Ain't Gonna Worry My Life)
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Postby folsea » Thu May 25, 2006 6:16 pm

I'll add two of my favorites that I haven't seen yet:

Marcia Ball : St. Gabriel
Marva Wright: Built for Comfort

-- Austin
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Albert King (You're Going To Need Me)
Albert King (You're Going To Need Me)
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Postby Greg Avakian » Wed Jun 28, 2006 11:16 pm

Damon wrote:Sinner's Prayer - Eric Clapton, Ray Charles

You got me curious -I have the RC version with BB King.

What album is EC on??? Or is Ray on an Eric Clapton album?

Greg Avakian
Gary Moore (Still Got The Blues)
Gary Moore (Still Got The Blues)
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Postby Greg Avakian » Sat Jul 22, 2006 9:14 pm

xnedra wrote:
Damon wrote:Sinner's Prayer - Eric Clapton, Ray Charles

totally agree with you on that was the song I kept repeating when I first got that ray charles duets cd...the guitar just wrenches my gut in a few parts

Could you confirm that this is on the Ray Charles "Duets" CD? Because I haven't found it... although there is a 1998 album called "Duets", Sinner's prayer" isn't on it.

Or are you guys talking about the "Genious loves company" CD? Because that's the version with BB King, so I'm really curious now...
Greg Avakian
Gary Moore (Still Got The Blues)
Gary Moore (Still Got The Blues)
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