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Postby Greg Avakian » Fri Mar 11, 2005 7:16 pm

Gotta love good live music. If the band knows where the crowd is at, then it's paradise.
We just had Oscar Brown Jr. in Philadelphia and while the performance lacked some technical aspects (some bop, some sound problems with the band), the VIBE was so amazing! I think more people told me that was their best-ever dance night than at any other event. Twice people stopped dancing just to stand and scream, stomp, clap and dig Oscar.

I love being a DJ, but I can't imagine a DJ who could do that! :)
Greg Avakian
Gary Moore (Still Got The Blues)
Gary Moore (Still Got The Blues)
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Postby BluesWhore » Sun Mar 13, 2005 6:51 pm

Live music is unbelievable.

Here is my two cents.

In reguards to Blues. I can go see a Blues band everynight of the week. It's great. Blues bands seem to have tons of passion. At least if you can find one of those great old time ones that knows the roots of the music. Seeing one of those bands is great. I can go and dance up-tempo, or slow and have a great time. The problem comes in where bands are in it for the money or when "blues is cool." They try to be innovative and play covers that should not be done with a blues style. That is when I want to go back to the CD's.

DJ's can play to the crowd better. They know the dancers and what they want to hear and what the tempo should be. I know that in Pittsburgh, bands will tend to listen and look more towards the older crowd that is "old lady wedding dancing" rather than the "lindy-blues" scene.

It may shound strange, but that is what I think.
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E. Clapton(Have You Ever Loved A Woman)
E. Clapton(Have You Ever Loved A Woman)
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Postby LindyChef » Tue Mar 15, 2005 2:22 am

Ogden wrote:I love live bands, especially live blues bands. I don't have a problem with faster blues, I kind of think of it as just another part of the Blues spectrum and dance accordingly. Maybe I throw in some Lindy and Bal with my general blues dancing improvisation, or maybe I sit one out and listen. As much as I love slow blues, I do like some variety in a night of dancing.

Ditto. My favorite thing to do for a date: go out for dinner, hit a blues bar with live blues music, drink, dance, be merry.
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Bobby 'Blue' Bland (Stormy Monday Blues)
Bobby 'Blue' Bland (Stormy Monday Blues)
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Postby blue susurration » Tue Mar 22, 2005 8:21 pm

8) almost always love. but, it depends on what and where and when. i love the energy from a live band - can't get that from a recording - the experience of being part of the creation of music.

if i'm at a dance event, i can be finicky - i expect that each song will be well-done (which entails quite a bit) and danceable. i expect that the band will be playing FOR the dancers.

if i'm out at a bar, i just want the music to have soul. if the musicians are true musicians and themselves are diggin' what they're doin', i'm always diggin' along with them. and i'll dance as each song moves me - sometimes from my chair with my drink, other times busting out on the floor - lindy, blues, a combination, or just jumping around like nuts. i especially love this senario - it reminds me to stay open to the music and keep me creative - i'm dancing TO the music howEVER it moves me.
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blue susurration
E. Clapton(Have You Ever Loved A Woman)
E. Clapton(Have You Ever Loved A Woman)
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